Site Information: 

channelAustin manages the City of Austin’s public access television facility, channels, and resources located at 1143 Northwestern Avenue. channelAustin operates an open source, enterprise level, and web based content management system using Drupal and a constituent relationship management system using CiviCRM. These systems serve the needs of staff, member users, and the general public.

The systems are used for:
  • Member management
  • Class registration
  • Resource reservation
  • Video content submission
  • Playback system integration
channelAustin operates two integrated web sites:
These sites, on a LAMP stack on an internal LAN server with Ubuntu OS, are built on:
  • Drupalcore
  • Drupal contributed modules
  • Drupal community media modules
  • Drupal community media theme
  • Drupal custom channelAustin modules
  • CiviCRM
  • CiviCRM custom configuration