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The Future: Drupal 8 or Backdrop

I have a couple of local clients in VT (one is a PEG station) who are running Drupal 6 and are in need of an upgrade/overhaul. I was thinking setting them up with new Drupal 8 sites would be the best thing for them rather than Drupal 7. Drupal 8 code is really different and too OO and complex/abstracted for my tastes and skill level. Drupal 7 is fully developed and has all the goodies at present, but it might not be supported in 5 years, whereas Drupal 8 probably will be.

TelVue Module

I have installed the TelVue module, and the configuration works (and the API key works.)

I would like to push content to TelVue Connect. I have found a TelVue API to do this:
"Upload Video (JSON REST API)"
but so far I can get it only to upload the file and publish it, not upload any metadata.

I would like to set up a "gateway" for our users to upload content to Connect. This way I can make sure they have agreed to our "Statement of Compliance".

What's Next for CMD? your input needed

A portion of the active conversation around the Community Media Drupal Project has moved over to a Slack group over the past month. In the true spirit of open source this is a less than ideal means for planning and discussing a project. I acknowledge that. But, it has been a rather active conversation which has stimulated some new thinking about the project and where organizations need to take it in 2016 and assessing where the capacity is to take it.

Media Cloudcast Chapters

Just wanted to let you guys know that the Media Cloudcast Chapters module is up and ready to rock. It allows you display your Cloudcast chapters alongside of your Cloudcast videos.

I've also put together an edge-of-your-seat companion video walking you through installation, configuration, bonus configurations, and uninstall processes. This is different than CM Agenda (which is an AWESOME module) because the Telvue/Cloudcast setup doesn't work with Popcorn and we still wanted to be able to do chapters and do them now! So check it out and help make it better.

CM Agenda - a story of the power of collaboration, and a call for support

November 25, 2014. Öppna Kanalen Växjö (OKV) gets a phone call. The presenter solution that we had been waiting for, to broadcast government meetings on the web, would not be. Reason: the work was too involving. Time to show the power of open source!

December 17, 2014. We make a test broadcast from Höör city council meeting, with a very early version of CM Agenda, a Drupal open-source tool built by collaborative efforts in only two weeks!

Equipment Reservations Payments

I'm setting up a CM site with reservable equipment. I've looked into Reservations, MERCI and civiBooking. We need a reservation system with the ability to charge / pay online for the equipment rental. I haven't found anywhere how to integrate Reservations or MERCI into civiCRM to use the payment options. civiCRM seems like it will work for classes, and I guess one could set up a reservation as an event, but I would really like to have the nice features of the Reservations (or MERCI) module. Anyone done this? Have any suggestions?

Questions related to Feeds and Shows

I have some questions related to Feeds and Shows.

cm starterkit difficult - message error

I'd like to use cm starter kit difficult, but when custom scheduling module sent error message :
strict warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in cm_airing_grid_get_grid_header() (line 138 of /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/cm_starterkit_difficult-7/profiles/cm_starterkit_difficult/modules/contrib-cm/cm_airing_grid/includes/
PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'fdfasr.field_airing_show_ref_nid' in 'on clause': SELECT * from ( SELECT DISTINCT airing.airing_id
I don't know about this error

Community Media Starter module

Today I finally applied to promote my CM Starter sandbox to a full project on My goal for this module is to bring together base configurations in the from of Feature exports that anyone can use to get started with the Community Media Starterkit Easy. For the sake of keeping the module light during the application process it only contains a Feature called CM Starter Calendar which is a simple events calendar that consists of a FullCalendar view, Event content type and an Event Type taxonomy.

Use The Fitvid Module? Help us fix a release blocker and share your settings.

In case you aren't aware, there is currently an effort going on to address a set of open issues on that have been deemed release blockers for CMD. These issues are the set of issues that would prevent a station from basically using the Easty Starter Kit of CMD out of the box as a plug in play website with at least basic public access station capability.

You can see all of the open issues here:

DSK MOU Call Notes 20140729

DSK = Community Media Difficult Starter Kit (

MOU = Memorandum of Understanding (involving channelAustin, Portland Community Media, Manhattan Neighborhood Network)

On the call = Stefan Wray (cA), Aric Ruble (PCM), Craig Sinclair (MNN), Kevin Reynen (A Little Help Hosting), Mark Libkuman (Open Flows)


Backdrop Layouts are what Panels/Display Suite/Context should have been in D7

Anyone who suggests using Panels or Rules on a Drupal site within earshot of me usually gets a similar response. While these modules offer an enormous amount of flexibility, they do it at a cost of both performance and complexity. Rules can be used to do something simple like sending an email to someone when a new node of a specific content type is added, but this can also be achieved with just a few lines of code in a custom module.

DSK MOU Call Notes

DSK = Community Media Difficult Starter Kit (

MOU = Memorandum of Understanding (involving channelAustin, Portland Community Media, Manhattan Neighborhood Network)

On the call = Stefan Wray (cA), Aric Ruble (PCM), Craig Sinclair (MNN), Kevin Reynen (A Little Help Hosting), Mark Libkuman (Open Flows)

Report on Austin CM Drupal Camp - May 31 & June 1

Seven people including staff from 4 community media stations and 2 developers met in Austin at channelAustin on May 31 & June 1 for a Community Media Drupal Camp. Those present were:

Stefan Wray (stefanwray) of channelAustin
Aric Ruble (avguy) of Portland Community Media
Craig Sinclair (synchlayer) of Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Nick Ring (bagelche) of Amherst Community Media
Steven Brewer (limako) of Amherst Community Media
Kevin Reynen (kreynen) of A Little Help Hosting
Mark Libkuman (libkuman) of Open Flows

Non Sandbox Version of MNN Modules

Hi all,

So a while back i released all the modules developed for MNN to use the Difficult Starter Kit. Unfortunately, I couldn't easily get trusted status on Drupal so I was not able to make the modules not be sandboxes.

Luckily, Eric Goldhagen, a fellow co-owner at Openflows, has the correct permissions, so we just readded all of the projects under his ownership and they are now full on Drupal projects.

Google Investing in CiviCRM This Summer - Could be More than $100,000!

I'm very excited to announce that CiviCRM has been accepted as a mentoring organization by Google's Summer of Code (GSoC) program this year. This could result in Google investing as more than $100,000 in CiviCRM this summer.

I've participated in the GSoC program as mentor for 2 Drupal projects (Creative Commons and Media Derivatives API). Jason Daniels (ECAT) got a taste of what the college program will be like when he helped with the high school Google Code In early this year.

Project: Creating an interactive communications platform based on video


My name is Christian Andersson and I'm working on a media project for Öppna Kanalen Växjö (ÖKV) - Translated: The Open Channel Växjö - in Sweden. I'm an experienced developer and engineer but completely new to Drupal (this is my first project working with it). As such I made several mistakes along the way but always learning from them :) I have to say Drupal deserve the reputation of being powerful but having a steep learning curve...

Thoughts on Community Media 2014

Over the past few weeks as 2013 wound down and a new year spun up, I was feeling compelled to open up a conversation about the Community Media Drupal / CiviCRM kits.

I'm curious to hear about how organizations and individuals are faring with this solution for managing community media organizations and their video content. And I would like to know every instance of an organization using this software. I really hope that the adoption of these Starterkits has grown.

Drupal Developer | Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Manhattan Neighborhood Network seeks a Drupal shop to update our main D6 site - - to D7.

Manhattan Neighborhood Network is the largest Community Media Center in the United States. We operate two media production and education facilities in Manhattan and run four cablecast channels, reaching 620,000 cable subscribers in the borough.

This update will initially be a direct port of from D6 to D7.

Secondly, we will integrate this new D7 site with our CM Drupal staff site.

Google Offering Community Media Free Development, Testing and Documentation (DEADLINE FRIDAY, OCT 18!)

I've already added tasks to review the CiviCRM and Community Media (Easy) Starter Kits, but if you have tasks that would make Drupal better that a high school student might be interested in helping with, add them to this wiki. Ideally, you'd volunteer to help mentor to the student, but that's not even required.

If you already have a high school intern or previous interns (@jdcreativity... I'm talking to you!), get them involved.

All that's required is to define are 2 steps...

Barnraising / Code-a-thon October 10-11 Sturbridge, MA

I have working with the organizers of the Alliance for Community Media Northeast for their regional conference.

I pitched the idea to have a session dedicated to web development - possibly to include helping somebody get a CM site spun up from scratch. (not a migration from Facil or anything.)

So, the organizers are reserving a booth at the tradeshow. The event takes place on October 10-11 in Sturbridge, MA.

I'm throwing this out there to try and find a few folks who might want to come and help.

How to update nodes with feeds from multiple sources (and setting unique fields)

At RETN they ran into a problem where they have a lot of legacy VOD on Amazon from when they were on a Synergy system. They also have thousands of shows in their Drupal site that have a field called "streaming_filename" that holds the filename to these legacy shows.

Then they decided to move to Telvue Hypercaster and also Cloudcast, but they needed a way to bulk update all the shows with the new Cloudcast VOD.

What they decided to do was to keep the filename the same in Telvue so that the filename would ultimately be the same in Cloudcast.

Using Picture module for responsive images

I'm testing the Picture module to use that instead of Responsive Images and Styles for responsive images.

It's part of Drupal 8 and is also recommended over Responsive Images & Styles. There is a submodule for Flexslider and there's a patch for Media to work with CKEditor WYSIWYG (I'm not sure about TinyMCE):

Projects, shows, members and VODs

We're thinking about the best way to use shows, projects and VODs and the workflow around them. Currently only organizations can be members, although we also air shows by individuals or other organizations that are not members. However, we're moving towards a freemium model where it will be free to broadcast ready-made content, but other services will cost, which makes it easier for anyone to broadcast good content.

Inspiring Demo built on CiviCRM Starter Kit

Most of you know the CiviCRM Starter Kit is a big part of the code included in the moderate and difficult level of the Community Media Starter Kits. At the moderate level, the functionality is split pretty evenly between Drupal and CiviCRM.

Media Workflow(s) for CM Stations

Expanding on Stefan's post Telvue Playback Server and Cloudcast Integration With Drupal, let's document the ideal workflow related to how VOD files/media will be created/stored/displayed. This discussion is primarily for stations using Cloudcast/Telvue because I am referencing the uuid, but the workflow could really be applied to any other system as well where a media link is getting mapped through Drupal's media module.

CM Drupal Camp in SF

Community media television Executive Directors and staff along with Drupal developers enjoy beverages at Martin Mack's on Haight St. after a day long CM Drupal Camp on May 28 at the University of San Francisco, preceding the Alliance for Community Media Conference.

Access Vision's Aric Ruble and Humbolt Access' John Hauser make their way to CM Drupal Camp in the morning.

Telvue Playback Server and Cloudcast Integration With Drupal

First under the Open Media Project and now under the Community Media Drupal Initiative there have been ongoing efforts to integrate Drupal with Telvue's products. Initially, this focused on Telvue's playback servers for the purposes of moving show metadata from Drupal to Telvue and moving Telvue schedule data back to Drupal. The "original" Telvue API had its limitations and developers made requests to add needed fields. Now, in addition to the Telvue playback server there is also a Cloudcast VOD server. The Cloudcast RSS feed references VOD files and metadata on Cloudcast.

Documentation Push towards Pantheon

Have you heard....there is a lot of energy being put into pushing the Community Media Drupal kits towards a Pantheon installation.


Because community media organizations have full workloads. Our hands are dirty in real grassroots work - few of us have the budget to support the development needed for the Community Media Starter Kits. I'm not one to just advocate that one solution can solve all our web hosting problems - but this Pantheon thing looks pretty close.

How do we get there?

How a Bill Becomes a Law… or a Feature becomes a Module included in a Starter Kit

This is one example of how some custom code became part of the contrib-cm layer of CMDrupal, the benefits of developing openly over open sourcing code after it's "done", and how this project continues to grow and change. Having a basic understanding this process is important for everyone using Drupal or CiviCRM in a community media environment. Probably not as important as understanding how a bill becomes a law, but like government… without an understanding of how it works, it is difficult to make improvements.

Utilizing new Features of Entity Reference and Feeds for Airings and VODs

We've been working with Entity Processor in Feeds for some time with channelAustin and MNN. First as a patch. Then as an unpublished branch of Feeds. With workarounds for a few remaining issues, combining this version of Feeds with the latest Entity Reference adds some really powerful functionality that we are already leveraging to pull an RSS feed of Airings from a Telvue and display it in FullCalendar.