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What's Next for CMD? your input needed

A portion of the active conversation around the Community Media Drupal Project has moved over to a Slack group over the past month. In the true spirit of open source this is a less than ideal means for planning and discussing a project. I acknowledge that. But, it has been a rather active conversation which has stimulated some new thinking about the project and where organizations need to take it in 2016 and assessing where the capacity is to take it.

The majority of the discussion has been with folks deeply invested in the project and most are listed here:

I urge others to please chime in. I am just an site admin who still sees promise, but its just one voice. While Slack has been helpful to spark the conversation, GDO is still the blog of record for the project.

A few points for starters (please challenge or add on):

  • Open source is hard. Finding common abstraction for code on complex projects has been difficult and will continue to be difficult as long as organizations do not take steps to align their workflows.
  • The next iteration of this project will not be developer lead.
  • The Moderate and Difficult Starterkits are too complex to maintain. Even the Easy Kit is a challenge (for example with Feeds compatibility). Would one base kit be better for widespread adoption?
  • CiviCRM puts the spotlight on the delicate nature of the Pantheon hosting solution. The Easy Kit is still not fully supported by Pantheon as a release.
  • How can we rework the THEME and UX of the CMD project to cater to content creators and site administrators?
  • Organizations need further development on RESERVATIONS.
  • VIDEO UPLOADING via Drupal is still an unrealized dream for large video files.
  • Can Community Media centers in the US demonstrate an ability to collaborate on shared code in a civil fashion? If that can happen, but in perhaps a less than stringent open source fashion can that still be a building block if the right tone has been set among the partners?

Hope this helps spark a new conversation.