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Utilizing new Features of Entity Reference and Feeds for Airings and VODs

We've been working with Entity Processor in Feeds for some time with channelAustin and MNN. First as a patch. Then as an unpublished branch of Feeds. With workarounds for a few remaining issues, combining this version of Feeds with the latest Entity Reference adds some really powerful functionality that we are already leveraging to pull an RSS feed of Airings from a Telvue and display it in FullCalendar. Because OG2 is essentially an entity reference with additional membership/permission filters limiting the relationships between Shows or Reservations and the Project, this adds the new mapping adds some really useful functionality when mapping fields from a feed to an entity.

This feature is also useful when relating a VOD (Media Entity) to it's parent Show node because the GUID stored in Feeds can be used to create the relationship. As long as there is a shared key between the Drupal site and the VOD provider in any field, the relationship can be created as the VODs are imported directly to Media entities. This eliminates the need for the Show VOD content type and adds more metadata to VOD making searching using the Media Library views in the 2.x branch of Media much more useful.

The update to the Creative Commons module will be structured to leverage these changes. The license will be applied to the VOD similar to how fields shared between Project and Show are autocompleted. In a self service or staff driven workflow, a license applied to a Show node would automatically be applied to related VOD. As a result, that license information along with other useful information like rating would be available anywhere that VOD is used.

If you are using the current version of the moderate or difficult Community Media Starter Kit and aren't overriding Feeds or Entity Reference, these features are already available to you.