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Use The Fitvid Module? Help us fix a release blocker and share your settings.

In case you aren't aware, there is currently an effort going on to address a set of open issues on that have been deemed release blockers for CMD. These issues are the set of issues that would prevent a station from basically using the Easty Starter Kit of CMD out of the box as a plug in play website with at least basic public access station capability.

You can see all of the open issues here:

But now back to the point of this post, the FitVid module. Are you using this module? if so can you do me a favor and post a screenshot of your settings for the module? You'd find the settings page at admin/config/media/fitvids

Specifically I want the values you have in the text areas labeled 'Custom iframe URLs' and 'Video containers'

If i get a handful of them, i can get a sense of what a good default setting is so a user would not have to navigate to this page before fitvids could do its magic.

You can see more about the issue here:

So thanks in advance, and if you are interested in helping out with more release blockers please give a holler as we are having a skype conference call next wednesday at 4pm Eastern time.