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Thoughts on Community Media 2014

Over the past few weeks as 2013 wound down and a new year spun up, I was feeling compelled to open up a conversation about the Community Media Drupal / CiviCRM kits.

I'm curious to hear about how organizations and individuals are faring with this solution for managing community media organizations and their video content. And I would like to know every instance of an organization using this software. I really hope that the adoption of these Starterkits has grown.

I'm very grateful to have been working with such a committed group of people, from other end users and admins like to myself to the developers. We now use the tools in the kit on a daily basis.

  • For those who are already using the project tools, what bugs and issues do we need to rally around the most?
  • With the constant changes in hyperlocal non-profit media - and I am talking about more than cable access here - where does the project go from here to meet the needs of our communities?
  • With (busy) developers and (cash strapped) organizations moving into and out of the orbit of this project - how does a project like this maintain cohesion?
  • What kind of collaborative work can we schedule and plan for in 2014?