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Telvue Playback Server and Cloudcast Integration With Drupal

First under the Open Media Project and now under the Community Media Drupal Initiative there have been ongoing efforts to integrate Drupal with Telvue's products. Initially, this focused on Telvue's playback servers for the purposes of moving show metadata from Drupal to Telvue and moving Telvue schedule data back to Drupal. The "original" Telvue API had its limitations and developers made requests to add needed fields. Now, in addition to the Telvue playback server there is also a Cloudcast VOD server. The Cloudcast RSS feed references VOD files and metadata on Cloudcast. Similarly, there has been a need for new fields to be added to the Cloudcast API. So with the Drupal Telvue Module there are three locations where fields need to map: 1) Drupal Telvue module, 2) Telvue playback server, and 3) Cloudcast VOD server. Below is a chart showing these three locations and which fields are currently mapped now.

Although there has been some progress, what we have have is less than what we need. In consideration of the above, the problem is the following. There needs to be a field for a universal unique identifier (UUID) that is mapped from the Telvue API to Cloudcast API. This is important for connecting VOD files back to projects and shows on Drupal.

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