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TelVue Module

I have installed the TelVue module, and the configuration works (and the API key works.)

I would like to push content to TelVue Connect. I have found a TelVue API to do this:
"Upload Video (JSON REST API)"
but so far I can get it only to upload the file and publish it, not upload any metadata.

I would like to set up a "gateway" for our users to upload content to Connect. This way I can make sure they have agreed to our "Statement of Compliance".

It seems the TelVue push button on the "show" page is for the server (and uses the server API.) Our station moderates content, however, so we need to first push the video to Connect. Our staff needs the metadata in making the decision whether to pull the media into the server.

Am I missing something that's already in the TelVue module? Any suggestions on how to proceed?