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Report on Austin CM Drupal Camp - May 31 & June 1

Seven people including staff from 4 community media stations and 2 developers met in Austin at channelAustin on May 31 & June 1 for a Community Media Drupal Camp. Those present were:

Stefan Wray (stefanwray) of channelAustin
Aric Ruble (avguy) of Portland Community Media
Craig Sinclair (synchlayer) of Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Nick Ring (bagelche) of Amherst Community Media
Steven Brewer (limako) of Amherst Community Media
Kevin Reynen (kreynen) of A Little Help Hosting
Mark Libkuman (libkuman) of Open Flows

channelAustin, Portland Community Media, and Manhattan Neighborhood Network are all basing their installations on the Community Media Difficult Starter Kit and so time was spent addressing general DSK issues as well as specific issues identified as needing to be addressed in order to move from beta 4 to beta 5. See beta 5 issues.

But in addition the group looked at what we've called release blockers for the Easy Starter kit -- issues that have prevented the Easy Starter Kit from being released as a distribution on Pantheon.

For both the DSK Beta 5 issues and the Easy Starter Kit release blockers tasks were assigned. (You can see to who on the links above.) This is significant because about a month ago it was not clear that anyone had committed to bringing the Easy Starter Kit into the distribution on Pantheon. So this is a forward motion.

The DSK group will hold short calls every two weeks.

There was some discussion about the Alliance for Community Media conference slated for Philadelphia in August and that there is to be a meeting of other stations involved in Community Media Drupal. Craig Sinclair will have to be the "ambassador" from the stations using DSK as PCM and channelAustin won't be represented in Philadelphia.

The group also discussed the status and functionality of a number of specific modules.


The conversation about CiviVolunteer was not extensive, but Craig Sinclair (synchlayer) reported that Crew Connect had been dropped from the CM Starter Kits, that MNN had hired Gingko Street Labs to add the volunteer finding features of Crew Connect to CiviVolunteer, that CiviVolunteer will be made to work with CiviCRM 4.5, and that it will likely be fully configured by August 2014. Note that this version will be MNN specific and likely need to have some additional work to have it be universally usable or customizable.


channelAustin and MNN are both using the Reservations module although in slightly different ways. PCM is wanting to use it. Others are using it as well. The Reservations 2.x version only be upgraded for bug fixes not feature requests. Some of the long standing feature requests for Reservations were evaluated and added into the cue for Reservations 3.x. It was recognized that RETN wants to contribute to the development of Reservations.

VOD and Media Module:

This session was primarily a presentation by kreynen on the VOD workflow using the Media module.

CM Project

The discussion about the CM Project module demonstrated how differently each station is using the Project module. channelAustin may be the only station this wants to publish the project pages. MNN and PCM are mainly using Project as a backend container for shows.

There may be other highlights that those who attended want to mention in the comments.