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Questions related to Feeds and Shows

I have some questions related to Feeds and Shows.

For those of you using Youtube, how are you putting the Youtube videos on your site? Are you using a feeds importer for that, doing it manually, or another approach? Google shut down individual RSS feeds from youtube, but I see that there's an alternate feed still available (i.e. but I haven't played with it yet.
At Amherst Media, we have been using to archive our shows online as well as for embeds on our site. One thing we've noticed is that the derivations can take a long time to process and we get very impatient townfolk wanting to view the videos online. For high demand videos, we have been manually adding the video URLs ourselves, but that's not the best approach. What's your approach?

Show VOD Weighting
Is there a way to have Show VOD prioritize different sources? So, for instance, we put up a video on both Youtube and or (as I'm thinking) using Tightrope VOD for immediate content and then, when the file is removed from the VOD server, falling back to

If this is something that is currently doable, what is your process? If it's something that is currently not doable and would would require development work, how do you see this functionality being added?