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Moving forward: pooling resources for support and development

I am trying to reach out to any organizations on this list that may be using the CMDrupal suite of tools to seek interest in pooling resources for development and support as we try to make some necessary core updates to Drupal and CivCRM.

There is a small list of organizations that I am aware from the past 3 years that use some of these suite of tools. This effort is decentralized and its presumptuous to consider that I know all those using these kits and modules. After the challenges we've faced with the kits I doubt anyone is crazy enough to get this configuration set up. But I hope I'm wrong.

Some stations are using the modules and not the kits, some use both. Some use CiviCRM, some don't. Some may use the Pantheon hosting platform and others do not. It's a real mess finding enough common ground to pool resources together to do much of anything. And then, to what ends?

The short answer is that, to the best of my understanding, a professional is needed to help Pantheon users who need to upgrade Drupal through vital security patches and support those that need to upgrade CiviCRM to 4.6.

These updates would also be rolled into the Starterkits, if feasible.
If these updates will affect your site, can you please comment on this discussion. If you have any thoughts about how to do this better, please comment. If you're on this list and any of the above needs overlap with your configuration, please comment on this thread.

Also, please join us for a real time discussion via Slack.
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