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Media Workflow(s) for CM Stations

Expanding on Stefan's post Telvue Playback Server and Cloudcast Integration With Drupal, let's document the ideal workflow related to how VOD files/media will be created/stored/displayed. This discussion is primarily for stations using Cloudcast/Telvue because I am referencing the uuid, but the workflow could really be applied to any other system as well where a media link is getting mapped through Drupal's media module.

First, let's assume that uuid is incorporated into the system as described in Stefan's post (

Workflow Part 1
uuid field is exported via cloudcast and imported via feeds using the node processor and creating content in type cm_show. In addition to uuid, the feed importer maps other fields that are shared between Cloudcast and shows, such as Episode, description, etc.

Workflow Part 2
The second part of the workflow has a few potential options:

Option A: cm_show has no media field. Instead, we directly create video file entities for the media. uuid would also be stored with a video entity that is created. A separate feed importer has to be set up for this. This second feed importer uses file processor (with Feeds: Media Internet Files and mapping to video file type) to map the URL to URI. We then use Views with a uuid relationship to display the media wherever desired (on a show, on a project, etc).

Option B: A media field is added to cm_show. We then map the media through this field, use one feed importer, and media is by default available wherever show data is available, and can be managed through the content type display along with other fields.

Option C: We have a totally separate content type for the media, which references a show through an entity reference field. This is the old workflow and so far as I am aware we are moving to deprecate this because Option A replaces this.

Below is an image demonstrating Options A and B for those who prefer visual diagrams (click the attachment at the bottom of the post to see the original, full size image). Neither workflow seems wrong, but there are pros and cons for both. The Cons with A include that it makes the process a little more complicated and thus harder for beginner/intermediate drupal admins to set up. The Cons with B include that in the case of adding media directly at admin/content/file you would then have to go to the applicable show and use the media browser to attach.

My understanding is that quite a few stations, including ChannelAustin and MNN, will be adopting Option A. Is this correct?

Just want to make sure these options are accurate and open it up for discussion. The more stations that share this same workflow, the easier it is to share exports for feed importers, bug fixing, etc.

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