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How MNN is using Mantis to sort out what internal issues need to be posted publicly

Kreynen asked me to organize some notes on how MNN is using Mantis (Free Software/Open Source issue tracking tool) to sort/tag issues from their internal CM-drupal based projects that should be posted publicly on issue queues at -- as well as step by step instructions for how to set this up in mantis.

The human process is simple, if an issue is about a module that is part of the starter kit and not specific to MNN, the Community Manager (staff member at MNN that is responsible for managing MNN's interaction with the larger CM community) will update the issue and set the "Post to" field to 'yes.' Either that person or someone at Openflows (or another contractor working with/for MNN) will then post that issue to and update the issue with the url of the post on When issues are updated internally or even fixed, those fixes and/or information related will be posted to the d.o page and possibly info from d.o will be pasted in as comments in mantis for future reference.

The custom field for 'post to' allows for all issues to be searched based on that field, the issue queue filtered by that field, and a custom rss feed is generated only for issues that have their post to field set to yes.

Here's the step by step for making this happen in mantis 1.1.8

Step 1: log in and click 'Manage'
if you don't have a 'manage' link you need a higher level of access to mantis

Step 2: click 'manage custom fields'

Step 3: Creating the custom fields
Click on 'manage
Make a new custom field called 'Post on'

set that field to be a list with options of yes and no with default set to no, and set the field so it shows up on submit, edit, update and close

Make a new custom field called ' issue url'

set that field to be a string, with the same display options as the other field we just created

Step 4: add our custom fields to our project

Click 'manage projects' and then click the title of the project that we want to add these fields to

Scroll down and find the 'Custom fields' section of the manage interface and then select the fields to be added.

You should now see our fields listed.

if you want, you can add in sequence values so your custom fields show up in the order you want. In this case, I wanted our existing custom field of issue type to be first, followed by the yes/no field and the url

After this step you can verify that the new fields are showing in the view and edit/submit forms for an issue.

Step 5: Create a stored filter for issues marked "post to"
Go to the View Issues page and make sure your filter list is set to show (the + or - in the lower left)

Then select 'yes' under 'post to' and click 'apply filter'

Then click 'save current filter'

Then give that saved filter a name

Step 6: you can either just log into mantis and use the filter from the 'use filter' saved filter list or you can watch the issues in this category via an rss reader. To find the rss feed url, click 'manage filters'

find the filter you want and either copy the url/link of the rss icon or click the icon to go to the feed.


While adding in these fields and filters to mantis (or whatever issue tracker you use) will help, nothing here is automatic -- it all requires attention and people to follow through and post things to drupal and keep the issue tracker up to date. It's more effort but worth it for the health of the CM Drupal collaboration as a whole. Happy bug-squashing.