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Google Offering Community Media Free Development, Testing and Documentation (DEADLINE FRIDAY, OCT 18!)

I've already added tasks to review the CiviCRM and Community Media (Easy) Starter Kits, but if you have tasks that would make Drupal better that a high school student might be interested in helping with, add them to this wiki. Ideally, you'd volunteer to help mentor to the student, but that's not even required.

If you already have a high school intern or previous interns (@jdcreativity... I'm talking to you!), get them involved.

All that's required is to define are 2 steps...

Step 1 - Read How to write a good Google Code-in task proposal

- The goal of Code-in is to get students interested and involved in open source, not to get free child labour. ;) The tasks should reflect that. Try and form your tasks around ideas that are fun, interesting, of high importance for the project, and/or would look great on a college application.

- Each task should take an experienced developer approximately 2 hours to complete. It will most likely take more to most of the students, but it is a good rule of thumb. If you have a great task idea, but it's going to take longer than that, consider breaking it into several tasks.

- Tasks don't need to be limited to coding! Tasks can be pretty much anything, including QA, marketing, design, usability, documentation, research...

- For coding tasks, it's safe to assume some level of HTML/CSS/JS/PHP knowledge...

Step 2 - Add your task to the Google Code-In 2013 Task Organization Wiki

There's no guarantee that a student will pick your task or be able to fix a problem or make the requested improvement, but this is an opportunity to get something you've always wanted fixed or improved done just by taking a few minutes to post the request publicly. If you are unsure of how to phrase the request, post a draft as a discussion in this group first.

Prizes from Google

At the conclusion of the contest, contestants will receive a certificate for completing at least one task (maximum of one certificate per contestant). For completing three tasks students will receive a t-shirt (maximum one t-shirt per contestant).

Additionally, there will be twenty (20) grand prize winners - two (2) per organization. Each Grand Prize Winner will receive round-trip coach air transportation for himself/herself and one parent or legal guardian to Google’s Mountain View, California, USA Headquarters for 4 nights where they will attend an award ceremony, have an opportunity to talk to Google engineers and have a fun day touring San Francisco.

Because the tshirt prize requires 3 tasks, it would be great to get a few related task that a student could do after installing the Community Media Starter Kit.