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The Future: Drupal 8 or Backdrop

I have a couple of local clients in VT (one is a PEG station) who are running Drupal 6 and are in need of an upgrade/overhaul. I was thinking setting them up with new Drupal 8 sites would be the best thing for them rather than Drupal 7. Drupal 8 code is really different and too OO and complex/abstracted for my tastes and skill level. Drupal 7 is fully developed and has all the goodies at present, but it might not be supported in 5 years, whereas Drupal 8 probably will be.

While pondering this quandry I came across this post on Backdrop: (check the 100ish comments!). I pretty much agree with Jen's take: Drupal 8 is not the way forward for smaller shops/developers with limited budgets and everybody in VT has a limited budget!

I have heard that Community Media is not excited about Drupal 8 either. Can anyone make any recommendations for the right way forward that works with a smaller budget and limited developer resources and skills? The local PEG station may not use any of the "Community Media" modules, but I think they have long term technology cost/benefit concerns similar to many folks in this group.

Any guidance greatly appreciated. Thanx all.