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Designing a Public Facing Reservation Form

RETN is planning to open Reservations to our public users later this year and is interested in integrating equipment inventory images into the public-facing Reservation form. Have any other Community Media Centers out there using Reservations looked into this?

I know the Open Media Foundation has inventory images in their reservation form, and what we have in mind for design and functionality is similar to that implementation. We are envisioning a horizontally oriented carousel of inventory images. User would select a reservable content type group taxonomy term, which would bring up that term's carousel. User would then click on images or titles below the image to make their selections.

Obviously this needs to be scoped out in greater detail, but I'd be interested in feedback from other CMCs before doing that.

Although RETN is not currently part of the MOU that structures the collaborative work being done by MNN, Channel Austin, and PCM, we would like to contribute to the Reservations form in a way that supports that work. If anyone is planning on or currently examining modifications to the public-facing Reservation form, I'd love to talk. In the meantime, I'm hoping to gather any ideas or needs that other CMCs have relating to the Reservation form.