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Community Media TV Schedules

Part 2 of the 2 part series from RETN integrating cm_airing and tv schedules display has been released at The first part/screencast can be found at

Community Media TV Schedules provides an easy way to display TV schedules like you see on and websites. This module integrates with Community Media Airings, Community Media Show, and Community Media Project to display airing entities and provide click-through links to shows and projects.

This was delayed because originally the plan was just to release the views and css file, but after some initial testing it didn't seem easy enough for smaller stations to be able to integrate without a laundry list of problems. We decided to turn it into a module with a CSS configuration page and most of the features integrated directly, and that development completed this week. There is still work to do on this, but it's a start in helping other stations being able to configure and display tv schedules like RETN and MNN. As always, please post issues you find in the issue queue directly and not to this post.