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CM Drupal Camp in SF

Community media television Executive Directors and staff along with Drupal developers enjoy beverages at Martin Mack's on Haight St. after a day long CM Drupal Camp on May 28 at the University of San Francisco, preceding the Alliance for Community Media Conference.

Access Vision's Aric Ruble and Humbolt Access' John Hauser make their way to CM Drupal Camp in the morning.

Courtesy of Prof. John Higgins at the University of San Francisco, the CM Drupal Camp used this room for morning sessions with reports and cases studies from Access Vision, channelAustin, MNN, PhillyCam, Portland Community Media, and SPNN with an afternoon session from the CiviCRM development team.

CiviCRM's Donald Lobo, Open Flow's Mark Libkuman and Eric Goldhagen, and A Little Help Hosting's Kevin Reynen at CM Drupal Camp

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