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CM Agenda - a story of the power of collaboration, and a call for support

November 25, 2014. Öppna Kanalen Växjö (OKV) gets a phone call. The presenter solution that we had been waiting for, to broadcast government meetings on the web, would not be. Reason: the work was too involving. Time to show the power of open source!

December 17, 2014. We make a test broadcast from Höör city council meeting, with a very early version of CM Agenda, a Drupal open-source tool built by collaborative efforts in only two weeks!

January 28, 2015. The first real web broadcast is made using CM Agenda, a tool that was developed with very short-notice by a group of dedicated people. See The local newspaper wrote about the web broadcast premiere:

This is a post to describe the power of collaboration. And to ask for support to take this even further.

@jesper.rojestal wrote Media: Solidtango
@TwoD wrote Solidtango PopcornJS wrapper
@kreynen contributed updates to Media: Solidtango and wrote and reused PopcornJS, Media Event, and CM Agenda
@kristofferwiklund wrote the (soon to be committed) cm_agenda_live and updates to Media Event
@westis themed the elements of CM Agenda on then

Would you like your name or your channel on that list? We need $$ to add documentation, to improve the install process and to add additional features. Almost all of this has been paid for by OKV. Although we are dedicated to make all code available as open source, cost sharing is another important part of collaboration.

Do you want to help us take this further?