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Sites built with cmDRUPAL

    • l-e-v-i-t-r-a
    • tadalafilusa
    • sildenafilca
    • sildenafilcitrate
    • Öppna Kanalen Växjö
    • portland-community-media
    • easton-community-access-television
    • manhattan-neighborhood-network
    • accessvisiontv
    • retn
    • pcam

What is CMDrupal?

CMDrupal: Community Media Drupal = community media + drupal + civicrm + passion

CMDrupal is a collaborative effort to provide a free, open source suite of tools built upon Drupal and CiviCRM to manage the internal and external workflow of a community based media organization including the projects, shows, people, events, media and metadata (including playback server integration)

Getting Started

  • Visit the Drupal Group Project page:
  • Visit the software page:
  • Read the Project Documentation
  • Register for an account at
  • Register for an account at
  • Get a free account for Pantheon web hosting at
  • Join the CMDrupal email list/google group for peer-support:
  • Start teaching yourself with this list of traning resources: /learning-resources

What are the Community Media modules?

The modules often used by Community Media organizations have been included in 3 "STARTER KITS". These are not designed to be the only modules used, but simply make it easier to get started with Drupal based on the what has worked and what hasn't for other organizations.

  1. Easy Starter Kit - Designed to be a WordPress alternative with some basic community features that would require a producer to have a username, password, and log in. Crew Connect and Printable Show Contract can save staff time and connect membership without investing too much staff time in learning the more technical parts of Drupal.
  2. Moderate Starter Kit - This adds CiviCRM and Media to the what's included in the Easy kit. This is for organization ready to manage memberships, event registration, and video on demand. While complicated, both Media and CiviCRM are very well documented. At the moderate level, users start to do more customizations to their site and being to manage changes using Features.
  3. Difficult Starter Kit - This is the collection of modules the largest community media groups share. There is very little documentation for these modules. Much of the difficult kit requires someone with Drupal and CiviCRM experience to configure. There are many elements of the difficult kit that stations use at the moderate level like the Reservations API, Single Sign On with Bakery, VOD Feeds, and more advanced playback server integration. The reason for defining these at the difficult level is these are MUCH easier to configure AFTER mastering the moderate. The moderate kit is also less overwhelming if you are selective about what you add and roll new features out to your producers after testing them. Reservations is MUCH easier to configure AFTER you've already rolled accounts out to your producers, have certification groups configured in CiviCRM, and understand permissions, content types, and Views.

Each Kit includes all of the modules required by any module included so the entire install can be done after a single download, but NONE OF THE CONFIGURATION is done for you. The modules are broken up into an Easy, Moderate, and Difficult downloads. We intentionally used those terms over beginner, moderate, and advanced. While many people wouldn't identify themselves a beginner, only people who really know what they are getting into are likely to go the difficult route.